2D Animation : A mode of expression enjoyed by mankind from time immemorable. A service provided to Film makers, Commercials, Corporates, Web and Apps

3D Animation : A trend of expression growing like never before, every 3D Animated video that comes out in the industry is a leap in Anim-mankind. This is a service rendered with efficiency and accuracy to detail for Film makers, commercials, Corporates and Games

Video : A widely enjoyed mode of expression. A mode of service that can make the audience relate to reality. LAM House expert team has provided Video production services for Commercials, Corporates and Short Films.

App Development : The world has shrunk to our palms and at LAM House we give them what they want right in their hands, we make your life and business easier and able to handle wherever you go.

Web Development : One without an online presence is assumed dead. At LAM House we bring you to life and build your life online that can enhance your outlook and in turn the world will look at you as you perceive.

Game Asset Development : A game is fun as a good educator. We design and build games to enthrall your clients with loads of fun.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality : Come, Join us in the race of creating Virtual environments. We are not stopping there...we are augmenting it as well.

DevOps Consulting, Training & Services: DevOps the new perspective in automation which brings in changes in Culture, Mindset and the way one works today in the enterprise. At Lamhouse we bring in the best in class experienced professionals who can take an Enterprise through the transformation journey to Agile, DevOps and Cloud.