5 Things COVID – 19 making us go back to our traditional ways of living.

Written by Muthuraman on April 27, 2020

It might be a weird but an apt question in the current scenario. You just need to picture things around you right now and imagine how our forefathers lived. The western people keep telling us that we Indians keep boasting about the past achievements of our forefathers and are forgetting to live the present and think about the future which is not true. COVID- 19 situation is proving to us that few practices our forefathers followed were all for a reason. Our History told us many things and we got to learn a lot from them which ironically Covid-19 is forcing us into our traditional form of living. Here are 5 important things COVID – 19 teaches us.

Greeting Each other :

Namaste or Namaskar with a hand gesture where we put our palms together as a greeting is now a far more powerful way of greeting a person with respect. Now, you are not going to risk shaking hands with strangers but you should not offend them by not greeting them either, so its best to greet them with a respectful Namasthe gesture. The gesture of placing palms together has more meaning to it than just a greeting, The flow of energies in a physical handshake is fatal for a positively energized individual if he shakes hand with an individual filled with negativity, the gloom from the person is transferred to the positive individual. While in Namaskar, as there is no physical contact, the ability for one person to affect another negatively is minimized to a larger extent. This was also one of the reasons that our elders always advised to have company of good people who are positive and do not possess bad behavior. COVID -19 will make us all choose our friends, we shall choose friendship only with good-natured people and people with no or least negative traits.

Family is priority:

COVID – 19 has made us all spend the maximum time with family, it is definitely true in my case. I was able to teach my children to play a few games of cards and we exercise every day morning and I was able to train my children to grow fit and they are taking a liking towards it, earlier it was a coach who used to train my kids and now I do and they are just doing great. My son taught me how to play UNO and I am now hooked to it. My daughter started grooming her painting skills and she paints our walls with her amazing artwork of flowers and abstract creativity. Our Home becomes the world. I am sure you would have enjoyed such cherished moments yourself. Good News – Even after Lockdown is lifted, you still have to spend more time at home so as to not risking yourself to get infected and in turn infect your own family.

Eating at home India Style (With your fingers, No spoon, No fork) is the best:

I have been in the Marketing world since time immemorial and I used to eat out a lot. Now, this COVID – 19 has made me eat at home at all times and sometimes cook and eat. Trust me, I feel healthier and a lot better than ever before. This, however, took a toll in my business at the beginning but it is getting better now because we are using Digital Marketing technology and LAM House digital Marketing Team has been doing a wonderful job at that and my business now is begging to work much better than expected, this shall also save me a lot of time where I used to spend in traveling in hectic traffic to meet customers. Another important change is that, even if we ever trust going out for lunch, we can trust our own hands/fingers and eat using them instead of a spoon or a fork which was used by many. So its best to eat using our own fingers even at home as a practice.

Joint Family System in the remaking:

We are now restricted within our own homes with just 2 or 3 people around us and you shall begin missing your extended family worrying about them. So, Its time to remake the Joint Family System which our forefathers believed in so much. Think about it, having your Brothers, Sisters, and cousins all living under one big roof, you will have all your family members safe under the same roof and there will be a sense of togetherness and family unity for joint progress and everyone is in good health.

Staying rooted in Community and its cause:

We just talked about the Joint family system, but there is more to it. Each of us belong to a caste, community, or creed; Ever thought why was a caste system formed. It is just a community of people following similar practices and ways of living which were believed to be good and healthy. Following your community practices shall be a harmony, shall always keep you one step higher in the world of Healthy living. There is no community that preaches anything ill about another community or caste or creed. So believe in the good things of your community practices and live a healthy life.

On the whole, we must understand that we in this century have a very skewed understanding of why and how our forefathers managed to stay healthy which is because of lack of knowledge and has lead people to believe them to be superstition and now, I believe COVID -19 is a better teacher than a disease to us.